Working with Verdite

Verdite is quite a challenging medium to work with. Sculptors, craftsmen and all who work with verdite confess that it is hard to carve.

When one works with verdite, he finds satisfaction in the compactness of the stone. This gives the stone a smooth shine when polished. Verdite colors span most of the colors of the rainbow. They vary from the deepest green to the golden verdite with shades of brown and yellow fusing to give our flames of fire. It is the fusion of color and flows which give verdite its unique nature in sculptors and jewelry.

When working with verdite, an artist needs to be very patient and communicate with the stone to bring out the details of his/her subject and those of the stone as well.

The shape of the stone also determines what can be made. The artist works on the stone to give it a general shape of what he wants to make. He then proceeds to put in the details.

Once the piece is complete, it is smoothened using water paper. The water paper varies in coarseness from very rough to very fine. So when polishing, one starts with the coarse water paper and finishes up with the fine paper. When using water paper, one will have to be careful and make sure that those areas which ought to remain rough are not smoothened.

After achieving the desired smoothness, the piece is the heated. Wax is applied whilst the piece is hot. The surface absorbs the wax and all the colors of the stone become quite radiant.

The stone is allowed to cool. When it is cold, it is then polished using a clean cloth leaving it with a deep shine that last for a very long, long time. You only need to clean it with a smooth cloth should it gather some dust or loose some of its shine.

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