About Verdite

VERDITE, the green stone of Africa, a semi-precious stone over 3500 million years old and a challenging medium for sculptors and master craftsmen.

Rare and beautiful, ancient tribemens crafted Verdite into jewlery. Verdite occurs in a variety of changing patterns and shades ranging from golden browns to rich emerald greens and blues.

In the knowledge that Verdite is found only in Southern africa and noting in particular that Zimbabwe Verdite is of a uniquely high quality it is being sought after by international art collectors and investors who have been quick to recognize it as a rare and intrinsically valuable material. Because there is only one known deposit in Zimbabwe and no other deposit of comparable quality anywhere in the world, Verdite art works have the double attraction of beauty and intrinsic value.

Because it is a quickly diminishing resource the passage of time can only enhance this attraction.

Verdite~ a thing of beauty and a genuine investment.


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