About Shona Art

Shona sculpture is perhaps the most important new Art form to emerge from Africa in this century.


…unlike art found in much of the rest of Africa, Shona sculpture…has become a wholly indigenous

Modern art form created exclusively as a form of Artistic expression.

--New York Times

Picasso was an admirer of early Shona sculpture; Now evidence is surfacing that he was influenced by

It, too.

--Town & Country Magazine

The world’s best unrecognized sculptors.

--The Economist

During the past decade, Zimbabwe Shona Sculpture has become the most collected form of

African art. It has found its way into important Repositories such as the Museum of Modern Art in

New York and the Rodin Museum, and into the Homes of the Rockefellers and the Prince of Wales.

--The Oregonian

If the perfection of art is measured purely by Emotional expressive power, then this art is beyond


--West Indian World



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